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Est. Brooklyn 2008. A life without anything good is bad. Why French Ice Cream? Eggs. Plenty of 'em. Turns out, when you use twice as many egg yolks as standard ice cream you have to call it French ice cream. Fine by us. Because whether it's using more eggs or having to legally change our name, we'll do anything to make the best ice cream (French ice cream) on earth. Because a life without anything good is bad. Ever since 2008, when Van Leeuwen was born out of a yellow truck on the streets of NYC, we've been making good ice cream from good ingredients that makes you feel good. After all, happiness is healthiness. And nothing makes us happier than this Praline Butter Cake Ice Cream. We can thank Louisiana for the praline and Mardi Gras. But you don't have to throw beads to get your hands on this creation; sweet cream ice cream with praline and pieces of brown butter cake. - Ben, Pete & Laura.