Review Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate



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At first I thought this product was overrated, even benign, as I couldn’t see any difference in my complexion. No brightness, no healthy glow etc. I was starting to feel a little bummed about spending £40 on a bottle of what was essentially, pleasant smelling oil.

To begin with, I was only using Midnight Recovery 2/3 times per week. I thought – falsely – that if I used it every night I was BOUND to break out. I mean, I had to – MR is an oil, which is, after all, the root of my adolescent skin problems, right? So, resting upon this assumption, I was parsimonious in my application for the first two months that I owned MR.

However, the real breakthrough came when I, sick of the ostensibly great experiences everyone else was having, decided to perform a little experiment. I was going to use Midnight Recovery EVERY NIGHT and see what happened. Risking a few pimples to find the perfect Midnight Recovery recipe seemed like a small price to pay for the redemption my soul would bask in after discovering that this indulgently priced item actually worked.

So I applied it every night. I cleansed, toned, applied 3-4 drops of oil over my face.

I will cut the middle part out as I wouldn’t want to embellish unnecessarily about my really fun life.

4 weeks later, and WOW. My skin has genuinely never been so good. When I take my make up off at night, my skin glows. And while Midnight Recovery Oil didn’t trigger my decision to relinquish foundation, it certainly made me happy about it. My skin is clear and glowing, and truly has not looked this good in years.

Review Vichy Dermablend Setting Powder

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At first I was skeptical that this product would make my overall finished makeup look last any longer.

I follow the instructions exactly by putting concealer on first, (the Vichy Dermablend Corrective one) and then using the puff to pat a lot of powder over the area to set and leave it for 2 minutes.

I already had a good quality puffy fan brush that I can gentle sweep away the setting powder with. For additional colour, I use my own powder on top of that for color since this translucent powder is white (no other colors available for the setting powder).

I wore this to the gym and didn’t touch the spot that I had set and it lasted through a one hour class of exercise, got gross and seating doing cardio and the area I used with the setting powder lasted even after the class.

So, by gentle rubbing the spot area set by the powder lasts longer generally, but as with all makeup with vigorous rubbing, it’s gonna rub right off, of course.

Overall, this product does what it honestly advertises to do which is make your makeup last longer, water resistant and smudge resistant. It’s made in france and listed as: “Allergy-tested. Tested on sensitive skin. Paraben-free and fragrance-free. Non-comedogenic, Non-acnegenic” which I appreciate.

Tips and tricks for a summer clean on your interiors



Are you a little fed up with parts of your interior but haven’t got the time or money to do a complete overhaul just for summer? You may not be aware but there are certain aspects of your lounge, kitchen or outdoors that could be tweaked to make a huge overall difference in your home.

In this blog I will be looking at the three communal spaces that see most traffic and use over the summer months. Find tips and tricks on how to create a whole new feel, by just making minor changes to your décor and using some of Dulux Decorator Centres great paints and interior designs.

The barbeques are underway and the gatherings have begun, so take note and you’ll have your spaces refreshed in no time at all. You’ll be ready for your guests to come and enjoy it with you, sooner than you can say paint.

organized kitchen.jpg.838x0_q67_crop-smart

The Kitchen

The kitchen can always be a tricky interior to handle, it’s often a battle between keeping it fairly neutral or knowing what colours to inject to add a bit more life and depth. Either way, if you have a brighter or more neutral colour scheme, when summer hits I often like to change it up anyway.

A really simple, easy and cost effective way of doing this can be achieved through adding a lick of paint to your boring old cupboards. Taking your neutral cupboards or an island and adding a deep grey or a cool blue can have a striking effect!

Dulux Decorator Centre provides a range of paints suitable for a variety of surfaces that would be great for this. Here are a couple of my favourite colour schemes for this look;

Living room

A little different to your kitchen décor you can achieve a fresh summer feel in your living room with lots of different features. By adding a feature wall in a bright, contrasting colour can then be emulated through certain objects or furniture.

I always associate the summer with a bright yellow, something striking and vibrant. So below is an example of how to use this bright yellow from Dulux Decorator Centre’s Pinterest board, which is really worth checking out for other interior ideas.

 Outdoor Spaces


And finally, of course a space that usually comes into most use during warmer nights. Whether you’re entertaining, having a barbeque, or simply enjoying the space for yourself, revamping your outdoor décor or furniture can really give this area a new lease of life.

Pallet outdoor furniture has really come in to its own recently and can be a really trendy and cheap way of creating the perfect outdoor space. So I suggest you get rummaging for some old pallets you never know who may have some. Next, you should look at Dulux’s exterior paint range suitable for almost any material, including wood, then get creative with colour and see what you can come up with.

So you see it doesn’t matter if you don’t have a lot of time and money, making little changes to all three of these spaces, or if you’re only aiming to do one, can produce extremely effective results, and will brighten up your home for summer.

For more paint collections, ideas or inspiration you should definitely head over to the Dulux Decorator Centre website, as well as their Pinterest boards to see what other tips you could take and put into practice in your own interiors.

How to Keep Your Garden in Check This Summer



Summer is the perfect time to enjoy your garden. Although English weather is undeniably tempestuous, the days are longer, warmer, and more pleasant, and when the sky is blue and the sun is shining, you’re going to want to spend some time outdoors.

There are few things more idyllic than pulling out some sun loungers and lazing in a gorgeous garden, a good book in one hand and a glass of wine in the other. Yet an overgrown, unkempt outdoor area ruins the effect entirely. This means that you need to act now, so here are three simple steps to help keep your garden in check this summer…

#1: Mow Your Lawn Regularly

 Sometimes, it can feel hard to get up the gumption to go outside and mow the lawn, but the grass grows quickly in summer, and if you want to avoid stumbling into an overgrown wilderness the next time you step outdoors, then you need to keep up with it. It’s best to use the highest setting available, as this will leave long enough grass stems to provide your soil with shade. It will mean that your lawn shows new growth more quickly, but it’s still better for your garden in the long-run. If you leave the cuttings down, these should act as mulch, and this will help the ground to retain moisture, and the grass to maintain that healthy green glow that looks so lush and inviting.

#2: Trim Your Hedges

 Another task that you’ll need to keep on top of is trimming your hedges, and luckily companies like SGS have a wide array of tools to help you. Make an effort to go over them regularly, to prevent an untidy, unkempt appearance from creeping in. If you fail to do so, you’ll find that your gateway is quickly obscured, and that your garden is cast into shade on even the sunniest of days. Instead, perform the task at hand on a routine basis, and you’ll be able to enjoy an open, sunlit space whenever the weather permits.

#3: Keep Your Garden Watered

 Last but not least, make the effort to keep your garden watered. A lack of suitable nourishment will quickly lead to ailing fruit, veg, and flowers, and especially when the days are pleasant, you’ll find that the soil dries up at an incredible speed. However, make the effort to water your flowerbeds day and night, and your plants will thrive.

Follow these three simple steps today to keep your garden looking picture perfect this summer.


Review: Parfum Divin Caudalie for women


DSCF4148 DSCF4151 DSCF4164

Found this fragrance in Paris. I was in the Marais and walked by a Caudalie shop that had the door open. They were burning a Divine candle. I loved the scent so much that i had to go in. There is something intoxicating about this fragrance and yet it is light and does not enter a room before you do.

I tend to be sensitive to most fragrances, which give me headaches and a runny nose. Not this one. Just love it. I wish it came in a roller ball for easy application during the day.

For whatever reason, this just melds perfectly with my body chemistry and brightens my mood every time I apply it.

Smells just like the oil. It’s not at all cloying or offensive. It’s very subtle and womanly. It lasts for hours on me. I have worn it both alone and layered with the oil with long lasting results. I pick up the musk and cedar notes in it the most. It’s a very pleasing combination.

Why Large Breasts are a Mixed Blessing


While some women want larger breasts – maybe just a cup size larger, but enough to fill out their dresses more and to make them feel more confident – many women are unhappy with their large breasts because they cause physical and psychological problems.

While bigger breasts can have a visual appeal to some men and women, it may not be worth the anguish that being well-endowed sometimes involves. Being top-heavy can damage the spine, the shoulders and even cause arm and neck pain, despite wearing well-fitting and supportive bras.

The physical pain comes from the fact that large breasts are a big weight on your chest and upper body. This weight doesn’t allow your body’s natural support structure to function properly – your spine is designed to keep you upright and if there’s something constantly pulling down and forwards, it will strain your lower back. Lower back pain and strain can be devastating, preventing you from moving properly, playing certain sports, sleeping properly and even from working.

The emotional and psychological effects of large breasts

Even more insidious are the emotional and psychological problems caused by having large breasts – whether natural or enhanced. Chances are, if you have a large chest, you will have been harassed, cat-called, verbally abused and stared at, mainly by men. Women, who can feel under pressure to conform to society’s beauty standards, can also be unpleasant to large-chested women as they feel threatened.

Constantly having to deal with the negative reactions of others can cause low self-esteem, with many women feeling that they don’t exist as a person, rather they are just a pair of breasts to be stared at and commented upon. After years of this sort of treatment, you may even feel you need to reduce your breast size and this surgery has been very helpful for women suffering from the physical and emotional effects of large breasts.

The right support

If you have large breasts, whether you’re thinking about breast reduction surgery or not, you need to make sure you have the right bra. Wearing a well-fitted and strongly-supportive bra makes all the difference as it pulls the weight of the breasts upwards and into the body, which eases the strain on the shoulders and lower back.

Previously, women with large breasts found it difficult to play high-impact sports or to go jogging as their breasts would get in the way or wouldn’t be supported or restrained enough, which causes pain. Additionally, the average size of women’s breasts is getting bigger, so if you haven’t been measured for a few years, you might find it useful to get fitted again – you could find it makes a big difference!

The right bra is crucial

It doesn’t matter if your breasts are natural or if they’ve been enlarged by surgery, the weight is pretty much the same and it needs to be dealt with. A properly fitted, supportive bra will help you to move, stand and walk as your body is meant to, with no postural changes or hunching over – which can only improve both your physical health and your confidence.

Play bingo for entertainment only


Bingo is a fun game to play in your spare time. If you think that it will cost you money, you should not worry about it, because you can find online bingo that requires no deposits. Thus, you will be able to play the game without the risk of losing money. If you are looking for fun and easy games to play, bingo can represent an excellent choice, because it requires no particular skills, just the desire to enjoy your time while playing a game. Just check for no deposit bingo games online, if you want to make sure that the game you will play will not involve any money and will be only for your entertainment.

Bingo, just like any other game, can include money deposits if the game provider has a prize at stake. But, as you may know, you may or may not win that prize. In case you don’t win it, you will consider that your money was wasted. If you are looking to play a game exclusively for entertainment, make sure that the online bingo game you are about to start will not require a cash deposit. This aspect should be visible and clearly mentioned on the site of the bingo game provider. Also, the sites that require a deposit will not allow you to start the bingo game without making the deposit before this. It can be quite disappointing to stumble across something like this, but you should know that there are ways to enjoy the game without paying anything.

Now you know that bingo can be enjoyed without a deposit, regardless if you are at home, playing it by using your desktop, or waiting for the bus, playing it by using your smartphone or tablet. Online bingo is highly available for everyone, as there are bingo providers that know the game is much more important than money for most people. We all wish to have a game we can enjoy without having to pay for it. Money these days is something that comes hard, as we all need to work for it in a job market that is so unforeseeable. So, why to risk your savings and money that should be spent in other ways, when you can simply enjoy bingo without any deposit. After all, games should be mostly for fun. If some people want to spend money on this, it is entirely their choice. You can easily enjoy bingo with no risks or strings attached, every time you wish to have some fun.

Free available bingo around the clock


Are you in the mood for playing some bingo? Well, use your PC or mobile device to play some. Worrying that you will have to pay some fees to do so? You shouldn’t worry about it, because you can enjoy free bingo with houseofbingo, at any time during the day or night. Yes, bingo can be free, allowing you to play it whenever you want, without any conditions. Keep the money for things that really matter in life, because entertainment can come for free if you know where to look for it. If you love bingo or would like to try it for the first time, you should be aware that you can play it without any conditions, just like in the case of so many other appreciated games.

Bingo is a charming game, being very simple to play it, even if you never got the chance to do it. With its high availability online, allowing people to use any device of their choice to play the game, bingo started to gain a lot of popularity, just like back in the good days. We all have moments when we get bored, not knowing what to do to entertain ourselves. Such moments are perfect for a bingo game because it will keep us engaged and attention focused. Also, it is quite annoying to wait in a queue or for the bus to arrive, not to mention that the journey itself is not too attractive either, online bingo allowing us to play even in such moments, making our time pass faster and more pleasant. The best part about technology is that you can enjoy what you like anywhere you go and in any situation, bingo being one of those games that became highly accessible this way.

So, chase away boredom and bad weather with bingo, a game that comes free anytime you want it. It is enough to access the site and start playing, nothing else being required for playing the game. Still, do be careful because not all bingo providers will offer this game for free. Make sure that they will not require for you to make any deposit or ask for bank account details because this means that you will have to play to enjoy the game. Some will try to make money out of it, taking advantage that bingo is so much sought after. Thus, only pick those providers that appreciate the beauty of bingo, offering it for free.

Bingo can be fun and surprising


I was that type of person that associated the word “bingo” with the picture of my grandmother. Yes, I thought about it as a game for elders, since they had so much spare time that allowed them to meet and play some games. Of course, for someone that is younger, such meetings are not the best way to describe having fun. But, I can’t deny that I am playing games on the Internet, both using my computer and mobile phone. I assume this is something that my generation is doing as a method to chase away boredom, having a lot of friends that play all sorts of games this way.

One day, I stumbled upon a game of online bingo. I laughed at the idea of playing it, in the beginning, but I decided to give it a try because I was in a search for new games to enjoy. I didn’t know much about it, but it wasn’t hard at all to get a grip on the game and start playing properly soon. I was very surprised when I noticed that so much time has passed since I began playing. So, eventually, I had to admit that I was having a good time. Bingo is a rather simple game but has the ability to keep you hooked and wishing to play more. Just go ahead and check bingo games and you will understand what I mean. My vision of Bingo changed very much because I do not see it as a game just for my grandma. Probably because I cannot picture grandma using a computer, or smartphone, to play online.

I was also very surprised to see that many people of my age played bingo online. It is a very popular game on the Internet, bingo sites having a lot of fans, of all ages. It was an experience that taught me that it is wrong to have prejudices until you try something on your own. Only your personal experience will allow you to form an opinion about something or someone. So, you can very well do what I did and try out a game of bingo if you never did it until now. We only have one life, so we should try everything until the end of it. There is a reason why bingo became so popular, still being played today as it was centuries ago. It is a game that is suitable for everybody, as it does not require experience, knowledge, or skills. It can be learned on the way, and it is very fun to do it.

Journey planning for disabled drivers: your essential guide


Whether you’re a disabled driver or you’re responsible for transporting a disabled passenger, planning journeys by car can be complicated. There are a whole range of practical issues you have to think about before you can set off on trips. To make your life easier and help you avoid problems when you’re on the move, it’s worth considering the following simple but effective tips.

Choose the right vehicle

First and foremost, make sure you select the best possible car. There are a whole range of vehicles available these days that are tailored to meet the needs of disabled drivers and passengers, and by spending some time choosing the most appropriate, you can make life on the roads much more straightforward. The internet is a good place to start looking. Specialist websites will often let you narrow your search down by specific criteria, making it easier to hone in on the best vehicles. For example, the website, which offers a variety of wheelchair accessible vehicles, enables you to search according to price, ramp or lift access, front or rear disabled passenger seating, fuel type and transmission. It’s worth putting some careful thought into your purchase as the right car will make your journeys much smoother and more convenient.

Plan your route carefully – and do your research

All drivers should plan their routes carefully if they’re going somewhere new, but this is especially important when disabled motorists or passengers are involved. With some detailed preparation, you can ensure you have access to suitable rest and toilet facilities along your journey. As of 2004, all roadside services, including bars and service stations, are required to ensure their facilities are accessible. However, if you’re unsure about particular establishments, it’s useful to call ahead and check just in case.

If you aren’t already doing so, consider taking advantage of the National Key Scheme run by the Royal Association for Disability and Rehabilitation. This initiative provides disabled people with standard keys that can unlock wheelchair accessible toilets across the UK. The purpose of the scheme is to ensure that disabled people have access to suitable, clean toilets when they need them.

Check any other facilities you may be using along your route too for disabled access and provisions, from hotels to tourist attractions. Doing enough research before you set off can save you major stress and hassle on your trip.

Always ensure you have a charged mobile phone with you

Experiencing a vehicle breakdown or another emergency can be particularly stressful for disabled drivers or passengers, so it’s vital that you make sure you always have a charged mobile phone to hand in case you need to call for help. It’s useful to have effective roadside recovery in place too. For long journeys, bear in mind that you might need to take an in-car charger or power bank to keep your phone’s battery topped up.

Check your car over carefully before long journeys

To reduce the risk of breakdowns, get your car checked over before you set off on long journeys. From testing oil levels and topping up windscreen washer fluid to making sure your tyre pressure is correct, there are a range of simple checks that should help to keep you safe on the highways.

Whether you’re driving yourself or a disabled family member or friend, following this checklist will help ensure your journey goes without a hitch.