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  • IMMUNITY DELIVERED FRESH: A powerful and synergistic blend of fresh, cold-pressed organic Peruvian ginger root, Hawaiian turmeric root, and cayenne pepper, with black pepper to activate the turmeric. Unlike powders and pills, this shot delivers these superfoods with all their natural goodness intact, making it the ultimate proactive immune system booster. Each superfood is sourced from organic and sustainable farms.
  • MOST POTENT FORMULA: With 26,000 MG of ginger and 13,000 MG of turmeric, you get more of the superfoods that work hard for you. Plus, there are no added sugars or sweeteners, zero artificial flavors or colors, and no added water. This combo delivers a strong kick – you can feel it working!
  • DOCTOR CRAFTED WITH WHOLE INGREDIENTS: Formulated by a team of holistic medicine doctors with over 80+ years of experience, Vive shots deliver the most powerful, synergistic blends on the market. The potent combination of healthy superfoods works together to fight for you. Every shot is 100% USDA organic, all-natural, 100% from plants, non-GMO, vegan, gluten-free, and kosher.
  • DAILY PROACTIVE IMMUNE DEFENSE: Drink a shot every day to give your body the boost towards immunity that it needs. This 2 fl oz pick-me-up is great on its own or added to a smoothie, hot tea, or sparkling water. Take it at home, at school, before a flight, or after a late night out. It's a great morning routine boost but works to strengthen your immunity at any time of day.
  • FROM THE AWARD-WINNING NATIONAL LEADERS IN WELLNESS SHOTS: Vive Organic is the pioneer in wellness shots and is on a mission to provide the best quality and most convenient holistic wellness products on the market. 21 million shots sold nationwide, Vive has also been the recipient of numerous awards including Taste for Life, BevNet, LUX Life, and Mindfulness Awards.