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SBF Sesame has a wonderful nutty flavor, stunning nutritional benefits and superior crunch. Sesame has been widely used by all great food cultures because of its rich flavor and health benefits, and is widely known as a superfood. If you are a food lover and want the finest of finest, then this Self Balancing Food (SBF) sesame is for you! Sprouted & roasted sesame is really good for you with many health benefits. You’ll be amazed at all the health wonders that sprouted and roasted sesame provides.

Sprouting, “sweet talks” sesame into releasing its magic. Bio availability of sprouted sesame is much higher than regular sesame. The process takes a long time, but it explodes the nutritional benefits of sesame and it is definitely worth it. Sesame is one of those few seeds that needs roasting to maximize its flavor and nutritional value. Our grandmas were pretty wise when they decided to cook these little seeds. Self Balancing Food Sesame was initially produced for our family. We produce SBF Sesame with care and quality. It is the best organic sprouted and roasted sesame in the market today.

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