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Blackberry Infused Pure Spring Water. We popped the cap and infused blackberry with our spring water to create a light, refreshing flavored water that tastes as if you had just placed fresh blackberries in the bottle. Starting with the same 100% pure mountain spring water and eco-friendly bottle as JUST Water spring water, JUST Infused is elevated with a dash of fruit essence. No sweeteners, calories, or artificial flavors, Just Infused is simply the best tasting flavored bottled water made simply with 100% spring water and delicious fruit. Eco-Friendly, Sustainable & Renewable Bottled Water Our blackberry infused spring water is supplied in a 100% plant based bottle, which is made from renewable and recyclable materials. Using plants for much of the material content in the water bottle means a reduction in carbon emissions by up to 74% compared to average plastic bottled water. Our alkaline flavored water is bottled (or boxed?) using paper from sustainably managed forests, and the cap is made from sugar cane. Our bottle is BPA Free and has a wider neck for easier water refills. JUST Infused is 100% pure spring water sourced from Glens Falls, NY. Utilizing just a small percentage of the abundant high-quality, high-pH drinking water, we pay a fair price and have created a fair business. All proceeds from our relationship are invested back into the city allowing us to give back with every bottle of water. JUST Water Founded by Jaden Smith and his passion for a cleaner, safer environment, every choice we make at JUST Water is considered, from where our spring water comes from, to the materials that are used to make our eco-friendly carton. When it comes to our environment, we know that one carton might not change the world, but it’s a start.COREANECOREANE


(No reviews yet) Write a Review