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Found this fragrance in Paris. I was in the Marais and walked by a Caudalie shop that had the door open. They were burning a Divine candle. I loved the scent so much that i had to go in. There is something intoxicating about this fragrance and yet it is light and does not enter a room before you do.

I tend to be sensitive to most fragrances, which give me headaches and a runny nose. Not this one. Just love it. I wish it came in a roller ball for easy application during the day.

For whatever reason, this just melds perfectly with my body chemistry and brightens my mood every time I apply it.

Smells just like the oil. It’s not at all cloying or offensive. It’s very subtle and womanly. It lasts for hours on me. I have worn it both alone and layered with the oil with long lasting results. I pick up the musk and cedar notes in it the most. It’s a very pleasing combination.