While some women want larger breasts – maybe just a cup size larger, but enough to fill out their dresses more and to make them feel more confident – many women are unhappy with their large breasts because they cause physical and psychological problems.

While bigger breasts can have a visual appeal to some men and women, it may not be worth the anguish that being well-endowed sometimes involves. Being top-heavy can damage the spine, the shoulders and even cause arm and neck pain, despite wearing well-fitting and supportive bras.

The physical pain comes from the fact that large breasts are a big weight on your chest and upper body. This weight doesn’t allow your body’s natural support structure to function properly – your spine is designed to keep you upright and if there’s something constantly pulling down and forwards, it will strain your lower back. Lower back pain and strain can be devastating, preventing you from moving properly, playing certain sports, sleeping properly and even from working.

The emotional and psychological effects of large breasts

Even more insidious are the emotional and psychological problems caused by having large breasts – whether natural or enhanced. Chances are, if you have a large chest, you will have been harassed, cat-called, verbally abused and stared at, mainly by men. Women, who can feel under pressure to conform to society’s beauty standards, can also be unpleasant to large-chested women as they feel threatened.

Constantly having to deal with the negative reactions of others can cause low self-esteem, with many women feeling that they don’t exist as a person, rather they are just a pair of breasts to be stared at and commented upon. After years of this sort of treatment, you may even feel you need to reduce your breast size and this surgery has been very helpful for women suffering from the physical and emotional effects of large breasts.

The right support

If you have large breasts, whether you’re thinking about breast reduction surgery or not, you need to make sure you have the right bra. Wearing a well-fitted and strongly-supportive bra makes all the difference as it pulls the weight of the breasts upwards and into the body, which eases the strain on the shoulders and lower back.

Previously, women with large breasts found it difficult to play high-impact sports or to go jogging as their breasts would get in the way or wouldn’t be supported or restrained enough, which causes pain. Additionally, the average size of women’s breasts is getting bigger, so if you haven’t been measured for a few years, you might find it useful to get fitted again – you could find it makes a big difference!

The right bra is crucial

It doesn’t matter if your breasts are natural or if they’ve been enlarged by surgery, the weight is pretty much the same and it needs to be dealt with. A properly fitted, supportive bra will help you to move, stand and walk as your body is meant to, with no postural changes or hunching over – which can only improve both your physical health and your confidence.