This year, hats are taking off in a big way. You may have seen the impressive and sometimes crazy designs featured on the runways at New York Fashion Week, where designers including Karen Walker, Stephen Jones, and Donna Karan showed off their latest imaginative inventions. Now it’s looking like the coming season is going to be all about hats, so make sure you pick up a few items for the months ahead.

Hat Trends for Women in 2015

Hats are a fantastic way to create a stylish and unique look whatever outfit you are wearing. It’s not hard to transform your entire look with a hat, and once you start wearing them you may find they become an essential detail that can take you from casual to chic in an instant. So what are the hat trends for women this season?

One of the top items to hit the catwalk during the various fashion weeks was the floppy hat. These feminine and bohemian hats for girls are versatile enough to be worn almost anywhere, making them a popular option. Rebecca Minkoff made a big impression with her oversized floppy hats, but you can stick to a normal size if you prefer.

Sun hats with wide brims were also popular at the big fashion weeks. These have a practical element because they will keep the sun off during the summer and they are also an elegant and feminine style that goes great with a scarf. Alternatively, you could go for a similar option with stylish cowboy hats.

Bucket hats are a fantastic casual option that you will see everywhere over the coming months. Elie Tahari was one of the designers who came up with stunning bucket hats, and you can take these as inspiration.

Turbans, scarfs, and bandanas are all going to be big this season as well, as suggested by the designs shown off by Emanuel Ungaro and Derek Lam. These are a very simple way to completely transform your look, and a huge range of styles are available.

Hat Trends for Men in 2015

So what about hats for guys? Many types of hats are also going to be popular for men in 2015. Choosing just one is difficult with so many styles available, so get yourself a few different hats that you can then match with any outfit.

Many men will be thrilled to hear that the classic beanie has been given a new lease of life this season. Opt for a neutral color with minimal style for a great versatile option.

Fedoras are another popular option that will be seen more in 2015. Wide-brimmed styles are going to be particular popularly this season, and you’ll find a wide range available at places like Spencer Gifts store, so take a look around and see what you can find.

At the Paris Men’s Fashion Week, Dior Homme showed off a selection of baseball caps matched with tuxedos. Although that may not be your style, it does suggest that caps can go beyond just casual wear.

Flat caps are also set to be popular in 2015. Enjoy a classic look with a versatile hat that has a certain nostalgic quality about it. These go particularly well with smart blazers.

Build a Trendy Hat Collection in 2015

Hats are going to be big this year, so start building a collection for your wardrobe. A few hats can be paired up with a wide variety of outfits and provide you with a unique look that will help you to stand out. So look to the 2015 trends for inspiration and see what you can find.

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