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Such a beautiful and unique and versatile product. Let me start off by saying I hate the color brown. Hate it in clothing, accessories, benches, trees, and of course makeup. I’d sworn off it ages ago, and here comes Teddy now to break the spell.

It is the most wonderful brown kohl pencil I’ve ever come across. It’s actually a warm, bronzy brown with a pearl to it (I also have a fear of warm colors because they can make pale girls like me look sort of sickly, but this, again, is the loud exception). It glides on very easily, which is expected from a soft kohl liner, but it also stays on for hours without budging, which was a very pleasant surprise for me when I first wore it on a night out, then came back home and found it still there, still going strong.

It gives an intense yet elegant definition to the eye, it’s not as harsh as black and not as invisible as gold – just a happy medium. This can give you very sultry eyes without closing them up to an alarming degree, due to its pearl which adds dimension and a hint of effortless glamour.