Oh I love this one! Red is a good name for this Musk, the notes are true and I get them all.
On my skin it plays out like this:
Starts off with the pepper, then the cinnamon makes its appearance. The combination gives almost a menthol like effect, don’t get me wrong it does not smell minty at all. I don’t quite know how to explain it, like if Vicks Vaporub came out with a cinnamon version I guess. I find it really pleasant.
Then it starts to sweeten up a bit more with the tobacco, which seems like a honey’d tobacco.
The musk is present throughout and becomes more dominant in the dry down, similar type musk as used in white musk, just without ANY floral.
I feel like there might be some sort of wood in it, but that might just be what my skin does with the musk
I really like it, it’s completely different and so comforting. I want to snuggle up in it!!