According to some pharmacists, the worst place to store your medication is in the very place where they probably are, the medicine cabinet.

The primary reason that medicine cabinets are such a bad storage place is that most medicine needs to be stored at room temperature and kept away from moisture, so you can instantly see why a bathroom cabinet is not going to be a bad idea.

This is just one of the reasons why you should consider some bathroom basics and take a look at what’s lurking in your medicine cabinet so you can organize it more safely and efficiently.

Dangers to consider

If you are thinking of updating your bathroom cabinet through a website that offers you a range of storage options, you might want to give consideration to what you store in there once you have had a sort out.

One of the key issues to address is not just the suitability of the prescription medicines you are storing in the cabinet, as the humidity and heat from showers can interfere with their composition, but also whether some drugs and medicines should be in reach of younger members of the family.


You may want to consider limiting your children’s or teen’s access to Asprin due to concerns about its links to Reyes Syndrome, which is thankfully a rare disease, affecting the brain and liver after a viral illness, but not a risk worth exposing your children to nonetheless.

Alternatives like ibuprofen and Acetaminophen offers pain and fever relief, but always discuss with your pharmacist which pain reliever is most suitable if you are going to keep something like this in the medicine cabinet.

Dangerous items

Many of us use the medicine cabinet to store things like mouthwash and razor blades and beauty products are also commonly stored in many cabinets too.

If you have very young children in the house, you will need to be aware that mouthwash can actually be dangerous if ingested in large quantities and things like razors are an obvious hazard together with aerosols, which can be toxic when inhaled.

Starting over

Now is always a good time to check out what is lurking in your bathroom cabinet and have a good clear out.

Start by discarding any expired or leftover medicines that are no longer in use and could well be of no use anyway if they have been exposed to the wrong storage temperatures for too long.

The best way of tackling your medicine cabinet is to start again from scratch, so clear everything out and put them in a storage box so that you can sort through them once you have cleaned the shelves or plan to fit a new and more suitable cabinet.

Organize your shelves

Aim to maximize vertical space by adjusting shelf levels to make room for your tallest items and re-stock your cabinet based on the way you live.

This means putting essential and regular items lower down, with occasional items and medicines or drugs that should be out of reach of children, higher up.

If your medicine cabinet is full of expired or useless medications, have a proper purge and get rid of them, for safety’s sake and so that you can see and easily reach all the items that you want to store in your bathroom.

Richard Baccus works as a home improvement specialist. He enjoys sharing his experiences by posting online. His articles can be found mainly on DIY and home improvement websites.