With our cold weather, depressing cuts and all the other exciting things we can look forward to in the UK (ha!), it shouldn’t really come as a surprise that according to this article, holidays are topping our hypothetical spending lists! Unfortunately, many of us just aren’t in the position to jet off anywhere and everywhere as we please, but that isn’t to say we shouldn’t still be able to enjoy ourselves. If you’re looking to take a trip on a budget, then look no further. Here are just a few tips to get you started…

  • Don’t just think about your high street travel agent. Often, they just won’t have the cheapest options available. You also shouldn’t just go to any old booking site – you’ll want to compare. I personally love sites like Kayak – you can compare the best possible deals easily and read reviews at the same time. You don’t just have to settle for flights OR hotels, you can actually get a package you create yourself, so you can compare side by side. Nice.
  • The jet set life isn’t all about literally jetting off on a plane these days! For some people, escaping for a bit of winter sun can mean taking a range of different transport options. You can go by train, bus or even a coach – for large groups, try International Coaches, or for smaller parties, try a scheduled option like National Express.
  • Providing you’re not travelling with any kids, why not forego the traditional hotel set up, and look for something slightly more whimsical – like a hostel or even couch surfing? As with anything, please be careful of your safety, but you are absolutely bound to make new friends if that’s what you’d like!
  • Consider self-catering trips. Eating out is great, and can still be done as a treat, but it soon adds up spending so much every single day! Consider a trip to the supermarket when you get to your destination, especially over the winter months. There’s nothing better than cooking up something nice in a group, using locally sourced ingredients you might not get at home. Comfort food is the ultimate – giving you energy for your adventures and saving you cash on touristy restaurants!