The best thing about the fall and winter season for a woman is that it requires a complete change in wardrobe. While you may be able to get away with wearing some of your short-sleeved summer shirts underneath a cardigan, the declining temperatures will force you to invest in clothes that are more appropriate for the cold weather. This season, there a few key pieces that every girl must have in order to keep up with the fashions. Keep your eyes peeled for any of these fall pieces when catching doorbuster sales:

  1. Interesting Prints – Fine prints in the fashion world have developed quite a bit from the usual leopard, snakeskin, and crocodile. Now they are much more complex, without being overdramatic or jarring. Geometric printed skirts and long chevron body dresses are just two of the more popular prints women are wearing this fall. Top either of these pieces with a tailored blazer to make yourself look and feel like a million bucks.


  1. Natural Makeup Tones and Dark Lip and Nail Colors – The summer trend of natural looking makeup has carried over into the fall. Sheer and blush colors are still in right now and create a feminine, delicate look that can be used for either work or play. Rich, dark colors on your nails are fitting for the fall, as are plums and brick reds on your lips. If you want to hit the trendy nail on the head, try using matte lipstick and a matching liner. Matte lipstick will make you look more sophisticated and less glossy, while lip liner creates a cleaner appearance for your makeup application. 
  1. Handbags – For the everyday working woman, an outfit is not complete without a handbag. All women love a good clutch, but these are generally too small for everyday use. Luckily, oversized handbags are back in style and offer an easy way to carry your gloves, hat, umbrella and whatever else you need during the cold season. Get the effortless (yet classy) look you want by making sure the handbag you purchase has an interesting color, a cool print or chunky embellishments or chains.


  1. Thick Socks – Have a little fashion fun by wearing socks with your boots: ankle, thigh-high or even above-the-knee boots will work. Who would have thought that grey wool socks with chestnut colored ankle boots would go so well with a large knit sweater and skinny jeans? This trend allows you to look as cool as you are comfortable. 
  1. Faux Leather – Last, but certainly not least, faux leather is a force to be reckoned with this fall. This material is typically more popular in colder months, but it’s being used this year in a way that is different and trendy. Look for leggings that have a strip down the leg, cute A-line skirts, and bold jackets and handbags made of faux leather to unleash your inner fashionista this fall.

Every woman wants to look her best and it’s possible to do so this season – even on a budget. Use online sales to your advantage and check early to catch the best Doorbuster sales. You will thank yourself later, but your wallet will thank you now.