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Lighting isn’t the first thing you think of when you’re considering decorating your home, but a good lighting set up can make a huge difference to every room. Good lighting creates a wonderful ambience, and can be designed especially to suit the function of each space.

By following these easy tips, you can transform your home into a beautifully lit paradise. And if you don’t know where to look for the right accessories, you can brighten up the home with Tesco lighting equipment.

Consider what you want from your lighting

If you’re using the space for working or reading, focused lights are ideal. You can aim them at your work space to create a lovely creative area with clear lighting, and design a cozy ambience for the remainder of the room. Indirect or ambient lighting is great for an overall lighting of a room, and can work to create the desired mood.

Use multiple sources

Strategically placed lighting in different parts of a room is often the best approach. In a kitchen, counter lights can afford you excellent vision of your kitchen workspace, and floor lamps in a living room are a great way to light the space. Use mirror lights in the bathroom to allow you the best view in the mirror, and an overhead light to emphasize the whole room.

Fit some accent lights

If you have lovely architectural features like recesses, favorite pieces of art, or glass fronted cupboards, you can use accent lights to really draw attention to them. Not only is this cozy, it’ll also bring a terrific attention grabber to your favorite parts of a room.

Install dimmer switches

If you’re using certain rooms for lots of types of pastime, dimmer switches are an ideal addition. You’ll be able to lower the lighting for candlelit dinners, or crank it up for well-lit crafting sessions with the kids.

Choose your fittings

There are many beautiful light fixtures and fittings available in shops, from crystal chandeliers to antique gas lamp style fittings. Pick a style which suits your home. It’s the perfect finishing touch to each room!

Lighting is an important consideration in every room. Think carefully about how you use lighting and the choices that you make regarding it, and you can make your house feel much more like a home!