Staggeringly, there are now less than 100 days to go until Christmas, as families prepare to come together and share in the magical festive season. While it may seem only weeks ago that we were celebrating Christmas 2013 in the warmth and comfort of our own homes, the fact remains that nearly a whole year has passed and it is now time to prepare for more fun, excitement and collaborative family entertainment.

It also means that now is the time to prepare for the logistical aspects of Christmas, however, such as sourcing presents, arranging visits and shipping items across the world to loved ones! The latter can be particularly taxing, so consider the following to help reduce costs while driving efficiency:

 Choose Sensible Gifts

While we all prefer to buy recipients the ideal gift at Christmas, some compromise may be required if we have to ship this item across the world to an international location. The cost of shipping large or cumbersome items can be prohibitive, depending on the service that you use and the destination in question. So although you may want to buy your niece the piano that she has always wanted, strive to make a sensible and appealing compromise that is logistically viable and capable of helping to keep you within budget.

Create a Budget that Includes Shipment Costs

Another option when shipping goods internationally is to create a budget that reflects any additional freight costs. While this may provide certain restrictions in terms of the type and value of the product that you are able to buy, it at least enables you to work within a clear framework and choose the best possible gift idea. So if you are able to spend an estimated £40 on each individual member of your family, for example, you can allocate £10 for shipment costs and commit the rest to finding a suitable item.

Choose a Suitable Service Provider

On a final note, it is important to partner with an affordable, reliable and high quality delivery service. Even the most forward thinking planning can become redundant if you choose an unprofessional service provider, as your gift may become lost, damaged or reach the wrong destination. This undermines the purchase that you make and means that some your presents will not reach the intended recipient, so it is crucial to avoid this by being selective when appraising service providers. Companies like TNT UK Ltd provide an excellent example, as they have a reputation for excellence and have links all around the world.