Unless you are happy to spend a lot of money paying someone else to build you a new kitchen, conservatory, bathroom or ground floor extension, there will come a time when DIY seems like the right thing to do. The trouble is, DIY is not always a sensible option, so it pays to be aware of the difference between money saving DIY schemes and expensive DIY disasters which could potentially be ruinous.

How Skilled Are You?

When it comes to DIY, everyone has to start somewhere. Learning new skills is important, in all areas of life, so if an opportunity arises whereby you can try something different and potentially discover a whole new talent, you should embrace this opportunity with open arms.

However, do so wisely and don’t bite off more than you can chew. Relatively simple tasks such as laying new wooden flooring or replacing a light fitting can be tackled with very little prior experience. All you need to do is find a few tutorials online and watch carefully before having a go. But if you are faced with a kitchen installation and you don’t know one end of a power tool from another, this is definitely a time to call in the professionals.

Do You Have the Right Tools Available?

Complex jobs will probably require specific tools, which you might not have. There is little point in tackling a DIY project if you don’t have the right tools to hand as you will not be able to complete the task. If you have the skills, but you don’t have the right tools, have a look for new tools.

Investing in specialist tools may be expensive, but it will still be cheaper than paying a professional to do the work on your behalf. Look online for the DIY tools and materials you need as this will be cheaper, or if you can, borrow essential tools from a friend or relative.

What’s Your Track Record Like on the DIY Front?

Not everyone is particularly skilful at DIY. In fact, some people really shouldn’t be allowed near a power tool without professional supervision. If you have tried undertaking DIY projects in the past with mixed results, think twice before beginning anything too complex. Some projects may not require too much in the way of specialist skills, but others will definitely require skills that you may not have.

Basically, if you have ever succumbed to a major injury as a result of a DIY project, or your home is a DIY disaster area, be very careful before starting a major DIY project. In fact don’t go there at all – hire a professional instead.

Hire a Professional

If you decide to hire a professional instead of having a go yourself, be sure to ask for references from any tradesmen you hire before they start work on your home. Not all tradesmen are reputable types. In fact, some are really only out to fleece you and others, which is why personal references can be so important.