The latest styles are more exciting than they’ve been in years. Almost everything goes, as long as your accessories suit your personality. Many throwback looks are hotter than ever… everything from oversized sunglasses and bright scarves to peasant blouses and long floral skirts. The styles are fun and frivolous. It has never been easy to go from drab to fab!

It’s in the Accessories


One of the easiest ways to change up your looks is with the right accessories. Statement jewellery continues to trend. After you have sorted through your favourite chains and rings… add a few new pieces. It is so easy to transform an outfit with a statement necklace, glass beads bold choker, or charm bracelet. Michael Hill, for example, is known for his wide diversity of cute animal and birthstone charms that can be added periodically to your bracelet. And, you don’t want to stop there. Chandelier earrings, an embellished bag, and a birthstone ring can add dimension to any wardrobe that has gone a little flat.

bird charm

Mastering the Art of Mixing and Matching

There is definitely an art to mixing and matching. The best way to master your style is to start with a few basics. Take any dress, skirt, or suit that you love and start adding some sensational accessories. Mixing patterns is no longer forbidden. Match that gorgeous red and white striped shirt with a red/white polka-dot bag. Add drama simply by mixing folksy prints with solid colours. Experiment with different combinations, dare to mix items you might never have considered before!

Create Drama with Colours

It’s so easy to look incredible with all the colour combinations available, in clothing and in accessories. Turquoise and silver necklaces can be worn with bright shades of yellow, silver -black mixed and crystal accents combine with variations of purple to create a striking pallet. The choice is yours. Just choose a few of your favourite candy colours and go a little crazy. You will never look drab again. Then, for a more subtle look, take a few basic pieces and add touches of bright items. Tunics, jewellery, summer scarves (kites), hats, nylon totes, perfect pumps, pointy heels, patterned boots, nude pumps, Indian sandals, and textured bags are top-trending items this season.

Add Texture and Design

Add more appeal to your outfits with exciting textures and weaves.  Tweed slacks, raw silk tops, and shiny imitation-leather and colourful crocodile, can change-up a look in minutes. Your lightweight knits will match up beautifully with a cool three-panel wrap-skirt and a hand-knit boa. There are numerous ways to form unique combinations.  Add a satin clutch to eveningwear. Casual outfits and office clothes can be attractively transformed with bangle necklaces, patchwork boots, and ethnic bangle necklaces.

Makeup and Hair Styles

It could also be time to buy some make-up to go with your great new color combinations. Replace the old shades and current brands. Often, revamping your look requires simply adding a new eye shadow, mascara, and lip-gloss. Look at some of the latest hairstyles. Brush your hair back into a low ponytail. Add a pair of large hoop-earrings to highlight your eyes and features.

Make it Enjoyable!

As you begin the new season, take your wardrobe from drab to fab by playing with accessories; add colour, texture, highlights… and a touch of glamour.